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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 22, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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troutman. itr it'p it's fridait'ss it's friday and that means it's time for the rtm countdown. it's a police chase and the hero is looking down on it. >> police started communicating with the news station and their news desk making sure that they were up to speed on where this car was. >> see how the cops caught their man. the dash cam is on and recording the road ahead. >> see that white truck in the distance? >> oh, my goodness! >> see what happens when brakes
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fail and it's all caught on camera. it's the perfect formula for some great kite boarding video. >> you need the water to be friendly. >> and you need the wind to be kicking. >> watch the water and wind kick it together. three guys on the tee box and ready. >> guy one hits it straight, guy two hits it straight. guy three -- >> whoa! >> that's video gold, "right this minute." we begin our countdown today with our number ten video. guys, this is a police chase with a twist. the guy in the black ford focus is a suspected bank robber named brent j. woodall. he robbed a bank, according to police, and then ran from the law. we got this story from k2 in portland and the twist of this story is this police chase resulted in an arrest because of k2's chopper. >> no way. >> you'll see here they end up in a residential neighborhood. when that happened, police
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decided to call off the chase because they felt like it was dangerous. the k2 helicopter stays on the car. the police started communicating with the news station and their news desk making sure that they were up to speed on where this car was. and according to police, this ford focus was also carjacked. >> oh, wow. >> it's hard to run when you've got eyes in the sky following you everywhere you go. >> he ditches the ford focus right here on this neighborhood street. he tries to carjack this car that you suddenly see going in reverse. so then woodall runs on foot over to this green minivan that was being driven by felipe. >> he just came towards me with sf something in his hand and i took off again. >> but because of the man and a police car, they sandwich woodall. >> he's trapped. >> police come at him from all angles with their guns drawn.
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and you see woodall get down on the concrete with his arms spread. according to reports, this bag that's right here, that's the money from the bank that he reportedly robbed. >> it had to be scary for the sons and for the dad, but it was also probably pretty cool they helped stop this guy and helped the police get this guy. it's pretty cool. we're headed to today's number one on the rtm top ten countdown. nine more to go. at number nine, strap on your seat belt. >> scary dash cam video for you guys out of russia. you see this car driving along, two-lane road. look up ahead, you see traffic going in both directions. but you see that white truck in the distance? >> yeah. >> watch what happens next. >> oh, my goodness! >> it splits the lanes of traffic. >> oh, my gosh, it went over the side of the barrier. >> runs into a number of vehicles. you see the cargo of one of these trucks, a bunch of apples,
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spilling out on the road. >> look at the driver, just popped out. >> almost miraculously he pops out of the truck. >> any idea how this actually started? it looks like it was probably a brake problem for this truck that came through? >> you're right, beth. the truck that comes and splits the lanes of traffic, apparently that driver claims he lost his brakes and didn't know what else to do. listen to the reaction of the guy with the dash cam. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you can tell he knows something is wrong because he's slowing down, he can see it up ahead. >> i feel bad for the truck driver at the front of that whole convoy because he had no idea what was going on behind him. it looks like the guy that walks out of the cabin is the guy in the truck that hit all the cars. >> i think you're right. the cab doesn't go over the guardrail. it swings around and the guy who jumps out is the guy who lost his brakes. sadly, two people were killed in this accident, nine others were injured.
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at number eight on the rtm top ten countdown, a rescue you might only see in china. >> police in china try to help this man who is on the side of this building attempting to commit suicide. >> oh, man. >> after failed attempts to talk to him and convince him not to jump and come down, they had to take drastic measures and they came up with something that is a bit of a chuck norris meets james bond move to safe him. you see a police officer on the side of the building hanging on a rope and he swings across, lands right where this man is, grabs control of him and then you see other police officers come through the bars of the windows and grab him. >> oh, my gosh. >> they weren't messing around. they're like, hey, buddy, you're not ending it. you're coming with us. >> this guy really is putting his life in danger because what if something goes wrong. >> i think you're right to say chuck norris meets james bond
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t alsospider-man. >> mission impossible, tom cruise action. >> they went hard core when they went to get this guy. >> one of the police officers in this part of china said, hey, that's what we're supposed to do. >> that's a cool day on the job, scaling from a building, saving a guy's life. we're at number seven on our countdown and it's car versus train. this video should serve as a warning for anybody who thinks they can beat that guardrail when a train is coming. take a look at this video from charlotte, north carolina. >> whoa. >> officials say she was trying to beat the gate but she didn't make it, as you can see in this video. if you take a look at it again from this angle, you're wondering where is the video coming from. the video is coming from a train. as the gate comes down, this woman in the suv tries to beat it. she crashes and then hits the fence. it took 14 firefighters about 12 minutes to get her out of the
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car. she was cited for this. >> so was anyone on the train? >> there were actually 48 passengers on the train. one person was transported to the hospital but none of them were seriously hurt. >> why take this gamble? why press your luck here? >> she's so incredibly lucky that no further damage happened and that she didn't lose her life over this, because this was a very bold stunt. >> she couldn't wait the five minutes it takes for the train to go by? >>th the light rail in charlotte and it's very short. it takes, if anything, a minute to cross over any given road. >> i'm trying to somehow find reason but it's so hard to reason, it's so dumb. >> what is worth your life that you have to beat a light rail train to get where you're going? nothing. he's creeping up on him like maybe an alligator. >> and he catches a snapping
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turtle. >> ahh. >> see if the turtle gets its revenge. and bromance can be a tough thing to find. >> it's hard to make new friends when you're a grown man. >> you, me, beers right now. let's do it. >> i'm kind of dirty. i'm going to go home and shower. >> why making a [ female announcer ] over the last ten years your mouth has sipped, snacked, yellowed, giggled, snuggled, yellowed, chatted, chewed, yellowed.
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when you watch this video, it's not about the golf game that's stopped, it's not about this guy's jockeys that you can see, it's about what he's fishing out of the lake. it's like he's creeping up on him, kind of like maybe an alligator, or a tiger on its prey, but look what he gets. [ laughing ] >> ahh. >> that is a huge turtle, man. and the turtle is doing some contortionist thing with its neck. >> i think that's a snapping turtle and you don't want to get
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close to his mouth. that's what he's telling his friend. >> what in the world? just leave the little turtle. leave him be, let him hang out in his natural habitat and just look at him from a distance. >> i'm really upset the video ended where it did because in my mind the turtle was going to latch on to this guy and bite him and he was going to scream like a girl. >> that would have made the video a lot better. >> we can all imagine that, the three of us. let's imagine that's what happened on the video. >> okay. close your eyes. >> i love that. oh, man, that guy was screaming. >> he deserved to be bitten since he bothered that turtle. >> he needed to go to the e.r., i think. five videos left on our countdown and at number five, some water, some wind and a little summertime fun. >> it's summer and the awesome summer activities videos are going to start rolling in. this is an awesome kite surfing
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video made by an extreme sports production company and it's nothing but kite surfing. >> the thing about kite surfing is, you know, skateboarding you can go out and do any day. you want to go mountain bike riding, you do that any day. kite surfing, you need the weather to cooperate. the weather is your teammate. >> you need the water to be friendly. >> and you need the wind to be kicking. >> right. >> but not too hard. >> right. well, that might be cool. >> but there are some pretty awesome moves that these kite surfers do. they're going in circles, they're surfing the water, jumping up, doing some cool stunts. >> you know, i do appreciate the fact that they put the camera up where the kite is because you get an awesome perspective of the little guy doing his jump. >> i must say the water, not very prty toloke kite surfing it of fun.
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at number four, we're really going to want your facebook comments on this one because it's all about making friends, guy style. >> it's been well documented the everyday struggle that dudes have trying to pick up chicks. >> it's so sad. >> it's sad, right? but you know what's even more sad? when dudes try to pick up other bros. bros trying to make new friends. >> like a bromance? >> like a bromance. >> oh, man, that was a great jumper. that was an awesome shot you had at the end. >> thanks, guy. >> you, me, beers right now. let's do it. >> i'm kind of dirty. i'm going to go home and shower. >> it's hard to make new friends when you're a grown man. now nachos. >> tomorrow there's the big game. i know this awesome sports bar, nachos, split them, you, me -- >> i feel gbad for him.
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>> let me get your number. >> to be honest, you seem like a really great guy, but i've got all the bros i need. >> i do feel bad for the curly haired guy, he was nice just trying to make a friend but i can relate with the dude in the blue because i'm at the point where i've got a lot of good bros that are my bro friends. >> for women it's easy to make friends. i love your purse, have you been to this website. the next thing you know, you're fast buddies. guys just don't operate like that. >> it's not going to be like, yo man, love your football jersey, bro. >> all right, good time, man. i'll facebook you. >> do what you do. >> is it easier for two girls to make friends for each other or easier for two dudes to become bro friends? let us know on our facebook page, three golfers, one funny swing.
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>> he's jogging around the tee box going like this celebrating what he just did to his friends. >> see what happens and where it stacks up on the countdown. the sharks are circling and they see a meal nearby. >> that will never, ever be me. >> oh, keep watching. >> keep on watching to see what happens when the shark dinner bell sounds on the countdown.
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this is a segment we like to call the best of rtm. it's where we show you videos that wouldn't fit on our show but they're on our website. >> these guys are spoofing the boy band one direction, but the topic of their song is pretty interesting. the video game halo. they talk about guns, they talk about the game, it's pretty funny. >> definitely a video you'll want to check out. head over to and click on the best of rtm tab. three guys on a tee box at a golf course. they're about to do the happy gilmore drive, you know, where you take a couple of lunge steps. >> it's like a hockey swing. >> but those aren't the only two interesting and weird things that happen. keep your eyes on the guy on the left and watch where his ball goes. >> oh! >> guy one hits it straight, guy two hits it straight. guy three hits it completely left, right into the guy videotaping this.
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>> oh! >> that's so terrible. >> it is unclear where exactly he got hit, but i know that scream, and i think all men of america, all men out there, they know that scream. [ screaming ] >> pretty sure he got hit in the junk. >> i like how that one guy gets on his knees like, oh, sympathy squat, man. >> everybody doubles over in laughter except the guy who hit the ball into this guy's junk. >> i'm in so much pain. >> he looks like he's going to run away. >> no, no, he's not running away. he's jogging around the tee box going like this, celebrating what he just did to his friend. >> wow, this is a terrible friend, celebrating his friend's pain. >> i don't know if this guy is the most accure golfer because he was trying to h his friend or th golfer because he went directly left. >> i think he's the world's worst golfer. >> that just hit me!
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[ screaming ] it's runner-up time on the countdown, everybody. we haven't shown you a shark video yet, so here's the sharks at number two. >> just watching this video, you can almost hear the "jaws" theme music. and this is from someone's vacation. >> that guy is making sushi on the table right next to it too. >> so he's got a fish on a table while a shark is circling at his feet. >> it's like benny hana's for a shark. >> the shark thinks this guy's toe is another piece of sushi. >> this guy works for a company called power boat adventures and this is part of a tour. the first part of the tour is all about feeding the sharks. he's throwing food out into the
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ocean. >> look! >> crazy husband. >> that will never, ever be me. >> oh, keep watching. >> he looks like he has a giant carcass on the end of a rope. he lassos it, swings it out into the ocean and watch this shark. >> oh, my lord, he's pulling it in! >> watch it come out of the water. >> oh, my gosh, it's like people with their dogs. >> one of them gets really, really angry. >> oh,.. >> oh, oh, oh, oh -- >> if you're a tourist and watching this happen, you're standing ankle deep in the water, would your first thought be let's go snorkeling? well, this group of tourists, that's what they're thinking. >> oh, heck the no. >> they are in the water with the sharks. and you can see the sharks in the distance. this company, and again their name is power boat adventures, they have been doing this for 20 years, taking people out on
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these tours, and not once, according to them, have they ever had a shark attack. >> they have never had an accident before? it's impossible to predict how a shark will react. >> i'm guessing that maybe that's why they do the whole feeding dance before they snorkel. they fill them up so that they're not hungry and don't attack. that's just a theory. it's all fun and games until the big man opens his mouth. hang on tight. number one is a real scream. [ screaming ]
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grandma's got a gun. >> gun. bullets. >> grandma's got some very youthful looking legs. >> this is not a grandma, this is a good makeup artist. >> she shoots an iphone. >> man throw, man run. run long strides. >> why are we shooting mack products, is this a commercial for something? >> bingo, yes, it is a commercial. this is what happens to your phone and this is what happens if you have the protecting coating on it. with clear plex it provides some protection should your phone be shot. >> i'm sure it's a nice product
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but they could have had a phone that looked slightly damaged by a shotgun and then said here it is with clear plex. >> like they tricked us with the not real grandma. >> you guys may be right but i would like to think this product is like they say it is. okay, everybody, it's number one time here on our rtm countdown and it's the kind of video that you really like to share. so we're sharing with you our number one choice, and you better hang on tight. >> on a ride at an amusement park, this is how you can lose your man card. >> oh, god. oh, my god. >> she's nervous and he's trying to calm her down. >> i love you. >> just in case they don't make u>> did he tell her don't freak out? >> yes. [ screaming ] >> did he say "jesus help us"?
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>> jesus help us! >> two seconds after he told the girl don't freak out. [ screaming ] >> no! no! oh, my god! make it stop! >> the man card. it's like you know when you cut off a credit card, this guy here, he has to cut up his man card. >> why are we so high? why are we stopped? why are we stopped? why did we stop? >> she asked him like 50 questions in one minute. why did we stop? >> because they're about to go again. >> oh, my god, it goes again? >> this is the worst ride i've ever seen. [ screaming ] >> holy [ bleep ]. [ screaming ] >> well, we learned something
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that god answered his prayers because it did eventually stop and he was just fine. >> i like to think that this guy didn't know he was being videotaped, because at the end he's probably like, oh, thank goodness it's over, but now it lives on forever on the internet. >> you belong to the internet now, forever. >> that's it for the rtm top ten countdown, everyone. have a fantastic weekend and we'll see you on monday. -- captions by vitac --
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[ man ] get what?20 piece mcnuggets.


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